About Janette Dillerstone ジャネット・ディラーストーン CEO / Director / Co-Founder (CEO / 取締役 / 共同創設者 / 博愛主義者)

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Janette Dillerstone and Son

Janette Dillerstone and Son

Investor, Philanthropist and a PR activist against animal cruelty and avid supporter of child welfare, Janette Dillerstone supports brand marketing and fundraising with Wakabayashi Fund LLC, a private equity family fund. As an international business investor and consultant, Janette Dillerstone strikes venture capital transactions globally. As the Co-Founder, CEO and a Director (CEO / 取締役 / 共同創設者 / 博愛主義者) of Wakabayashi Fund LLC, Janette Dillerstone directs new investment opportunities for the company.

Responsible for all marketing strategies, Janette Dillerstone networks with professional contacts to grow her clients’ products and services. Janette Dillerstone introduces growing client companies to brokers and analysts for private equity and hedge fund planning. Consulting with the most innovative new companies in the world, she structures financing goals to achieve growth while clients maintain leadership of their own enterprises.

Combining traditional funding practices with public relations, branding and marketing strategies, Janette Dillerstone collaborates with clients in many different industries that have the potential to influence the global market.

For her work in public relations, marketing, and investments, Janette Dillerstone earned recognition from several associations:

  • The International Asian-American Leadership Association nominated Janette Dillerstone for a business award in 2007
  • Janette Dillerstone also earned membership with the Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo
  • The Renewable Energy Business Network
  • The Women Entrepreneurs of Japan

During her career, Janette Dillerstone has represented the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the World Fashion Trade Fair, the United States Board of Cosmetic Surgeons in Latin America and Asia, and Presidents F. Collor de Mello and Francois Mitterand as Director of Trade Expansion among Brazil, France, and the United States.

Janette Dillerstone speaks, fluently, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Spanish, and Portuguese and is semi fluent in Arabic and Farsi.

Janette Dillerstone participated as a Director of the Westport Teen Youth Commission and is an honorary lifetime member of Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) for her contributions to womenand children in need. A mother of two, Janette Dillerstone served as Chairwoman and Director of La Casa de la Esperanza Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.

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