Tokyo Radiation

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Radiation in Tokyo – live from Meguro-ku

Live Geiger Counter

Location: Meguro ku:  about 10 mins walk from Ebisu station. Data is updated every minute so each time you visit this page you should see the graph update.
Equipment: American rm80 geiger counter with data logging.
Units are in uR/hr.
We have been monitoring for over a year, normal levels are 10-15 uR/hr.

Fukushima Exposure March 15
Highest levels detected  March 15 from Fukushima radiation 36uR/hr about 3x normal background levels. This has been the max for Meguro area to date. graph here click

Other field readings: Leaving Tokyo. With portable geiger.
Makahari Chiba 99uR/hr, about 8 x normal background

Some perspective: Same geiger taken onboard a flight at max altitude. 153ur/Hr.  About 12 x normal background radiation. Greater radiation exposure flying than max Tokyo exposure so far. click


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