Adopt-A-Dog Month

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Henry...The Hairy Land Crab

Pet overpopulation is filling our animal shelters with hundreds of thousands of dogs each year. Unwanted pets are often left in the streets to fend for themselves and end up being put to sleep at your local shelter. Of course this is something we don’t like to think about because in many of us it renders feelings of sadness or even guilt, but October gives us a chance to rectify some of that.

October is the American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month

Your animal shelter takes care of dogs of every imaginable shape and size so there is something at the shelter for everyone. For those of you who must have a pure bred animal the shelter is the place for you as well with 25% of shelter dogs being of pure breed.

Lots of people are just not able (or willing) to have a pet whether it be due to restrictions imposed on you by others or allergies, but if you would like to help these animals contact your local veterinarian or shelter and ask what you can do. Those of us who currently own pets can also contribute to the shelters in a roundabout way by having our pets spayed or neutered, often at discounted prices and sometimes even for free.

The United States alone puts approximately 4 million cats and dogs to sleep in shelters each year. If you or a friend is looking for a pet please go to your local animal shelter and take a lonely dog or cat home with you today.

A pet can bring you and your family a level happiness that you have never experienced.


ASPCA – Pet Statistics
The Human Society


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