Letter to President Acquino regarding Hostage Massacre

August 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

Dear President Acquino,
What occured yesterday was a horrific tragedy for the world to see. Horrific as well to see that the PH police force and miitary is unprepared to tackle a life threatening situation as well as obviously a disaster. President Acquino should have shown up to be the negotiator – the gunman would have complied w the reqest from the President of his country. Where on earth are the politicians? They were all over the place when they were running for office. But clearly the world has seen that when the things start falling into the fan, no one there to turn it off. Where was the city mayor in this situation?

What is done is done. Please make certain that President Acquino will stand up to the chaos that this is causing your country and how it portrays the Philippines as a weak and disorganized country. I love the Philippines. I love the people and I hope that the Philippines economy prospers, with all my heart I wish these things. However, with the amount of corruption rampid in the country, it is a hard endeavor to overcome.

Please President Acquino, your citizens are ashamed for the world to see what happened yesterday. Please make a public announcement of apology and express your sadness that YOU feel for what happened to the tourists as well as your citizens. You are there in office to make change and help your country be strong, successful and be a leader. You are its change!
You need to show this – the world is waiting.

Very sincerely,
Janette Dillerstone
CEO Director Co-Founder
Wakabayashi Fund LLC


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§ 2 Responses to Letter to President Acquino regarding Hostage Massacre

  • I hope the Filipino people can surpass this tragedy. I know we do, and will always will.

    May God Bless the souls of the victims

    • they will. filipinos are survivors. but what a horror to go thru and the event could have been prevented. now all filipinos are saying they r embarrassed. nothign to be embarrased as citizens. its the politicians who need to be embarrased. where is ur money going to when you train your policemen and military authority? u need to ask that? is it going to the same place where the roads and sidewalks that need fixing money is going? the landscaping throughout the cities? where is that money going to? the schools and the books? where is that money going to? it is obvious how corrupt the system is there. and reflected to the world yesterday by the performance of all unprofessional officers operating in the raid on the bus. the officers need to be trained or fired. politicians need to step up to the plate and change the country for the better.

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