YouTube is Not Due Diligence

July 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Due diligence seems to be an unfamiliar concept these days in government agencies and the NAACP judging from the recent firing/forced resignation of the Agricultural Department’s Director of Rural Development in Georgia, Mrs. Shirley Sherrod. It is entirely absurd that these organizations would take a youtube video and base a major decision upon that video without further scrutiny. The responses to criticism revolve around statements like “We should have”, “We didn’t know”, and “We weren’t informed”. Depending on the media to vet out the facts on topics that affect the country brings the pandering to the media out into the open even further.  If it took conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart and Fox News (among others) to bring this issue to the forefront then great, but organizations should be ashamed of not taking the time seek the facts and/or deliberately sending out propaganda. Next time I am sure there are some 5th graders playing Halo 3 that would be happy to use their obviously superior research and Google skills to give them a helping hand.


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