The Forgotten Coast

June 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

My Nephew will be visiting the “Forgotten Coast” in Florida next week:

Our family has visited what is known as the “Forgotten Coast” along Florida’s pan handle for the past 8 years. The beaches are  pristine, exquisite, and relatively quiet. The specific area we will be visiting is called Cape San Blas and there is a very rich, fertile bay, St. Joseph’s Bay that is well known among fisherman for it’s excellent bounty. Oil is not likely to have made any sort of direct impact on that area by next week, but even the slightest prospect is depressing. The wildlife along the Forgotten Coast from crustaceans to birds seems more abundant than other places along the coast, but hopefully they have felt no ill effects due to the spill. As I am fly fishing I plan to pay very close attention to the condition of the fish in an effort to monitor what may be our worst fear…the oil affecting marine life for many more miles than are being claimed by what are probably “company” biologists. Wish us well on our trip and I hope I do not have to come back and give you all a sad report.

Oil Spill Pictures Gulf Coast Birds.

You probably don’t want to watch this with your children. This video contains very graphic photographs of the affects of the Gulf oil leak on the wildlife of the area. The Associated Press put photos of the region into a video that shows exactly what is happening to the birds of the Gulf. Here’s the video:


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