Fly Fishing..An Art, A Science, A Medicine

June 3, 2010 § 6 Comments

What do you think of wFly Fishinghen you hear the term “Fly Fishing”…many people conjure up images of Robert Redford’s “A River Runs Through It” with its picturesque rivers and fish leaping majestically from the swift waters.  As a fly fisherman I have to tell you that as cliché as it may be, it isn’t necessarily that far off. The connection one forms with their surroundings whether it be a gurgling stream, a roaring river, saltwater grass flats or a peaceful island lagoon, is an element that is integral to enjoyment of the fly fishing. While the surroundings are generally an added benefit to fly fishing there is much more to the experience.

There is something in this sport for everyone, ranging from the scientifically minded to the artists among us. The technical aspects including fly selection, line and leader mechanics, and even the movement involved in casting that line with precision can be pursued at whatever level of difficulty you choose. Most of us find over the course of time that there is a real sense of pride in mastering (or thinking you have) the technical aspects of fly fishing. You will also find that there is ALWAYS something to be learned and that in itself is a reason to come back again, and again, and again. Personally, the entomologist/marine biologist in me enjoys figuring out what the fish are hungry for each day and trying to match that part of nature up with something in my fly box.

The artists among us have the chance to design and build our own flies. This while artistic also has a certain appeal to the technically and scientifically minded fisherman as well. The broad range of colors one sees in the natural habitat of whatever area you are fishing allows you to build unique and often beautiful flies to suit your needs at any particular location. Of course, I should point out that there are hundreds of flies out there that are ready for you to put on the end of your leader with no more effort than tying the correct knot.

The tell-tale back and forth motion of the long rod and smooth curl of the line will help you identify the fly fisherman anywhere in the world and that is where you will find us..anywhere and everywhere. The cadence of the cast and the satisfaction of shooting that line out right on top of that perfect fish can be the best medicine in the world.   In short, fly fishing is an art, a science, and a medicine all in a setting ultimately good for the heart and mind.

An Excellent Educational Fly Fishing Resource –


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