Dining in Tokyo – Best Locations

May 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Best Chinese Food and Dimsum – Lohotoi (close to the Hiroo Hospital) –
Best Linguine Vongole and Best Tiramisu – Buco Di Mare (Entrance to Ebisu Garden Place – Across from the Westin Hotel)
Best Gyoza – Osaka Cho (couple doors down from Hiroo Hospital – cant miss it – it has a Giant Gyoza in front of it) Also try the chinchia Ross (pork and bell peppers); Ebi mayo (battered shrimp w a mayonnaise sauce and then do not forget the garlic fried rice.
Best American Steaks – Ruth Chris
Best Japanese Steaks – Teppan grill at Roppongi Hills Club
Best Bread Pudding – Ruth Chris
Best Chinese Noodles (spicy) – Hong Kong Restaurant by Keio University
Best Sushi – Tsukiji Market
Best Mexican Food – La Colina in Tokyo Midtown (order the Beef Taco appetizers; chorizo and cheese and order the guacamole)
Best Cheeseburgers – Zest Burgers in Hiroo
Best Avocado Cheeseburgers – Homeworks in Hiroo
Best Ice Cream – Any Haagen Dazs although Japan does have the best soft serve ice creams that one can find at any local convenience store.
Best Glazed Donuts – Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku
Best Lobster Rolls – Janette’s Kitchen
Best Tempura – Teniichi
Best Date Restaurants: Any of the above but include Gonpachi Restaurant (Kill Bill was filmed here)


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